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Features of the product:

1. Gel-like consistency;

2. Dielectric system of surfactants (surface active substances);

3. pH-6 allows partial removal of metal oxides;

4. Absence of alkali;

5. Absolutely safe for humans, as well as various engine elements. Has a premium aroma;

6. Creates an antistatic film;

7. Ideal for all types of engines.

Working principle of FMOTOR (FM):

Application of the formula on the contaminated surface creates a dense film, which evenly covers all the impurities.

Because surfactants have a high surface tension force, in the process of mechanical impact on the FM film, an intensified action at the gel- dirt boundary occurs. There is an instant separation of particles of dirt with their subsequent encapsulation (covering) and emulsification (transfer into a suspended state). It is important to note that surfactants due to their long molecular tails and chemical activity are also capable of removing various fractions of oil.

One of the most important features of FM gel is that it leaves a hydrophobic, dielectric film on the surface, thereby reducing the risk of damage to electronics during the engine start-up. In addition, the surface cleaned with the FM gel has a lower electrostatic voltage and thus accumulates less dust.

1. Shake the container with FM gel concentrate;

2. Dissolve 200 ml of water in 800 ml of the formula and shake well until an homogeneous mass is formed;

3. With the use of the pulverizer,  evenly apply FM on the dry engine;

4. Without pressure, with the help of a professional brush, carefully cote all accessible surfaces of the engine, especially those that are heavily soiled;

5. Thoroughly wash the entire engine with water to the point when no water films remain;

6. Dry the vehicle's engine using compressed air.

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