On the 6th and 7th of April, the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center hosted an exhibition Detailer Day Expo 2018. The success of this event was confirmed by a large number of visitors and participants, including BK HIM, a Russian research and production company, which presented the domestic product line under the brand “KRYTEX”.

The stand of this well-known Russian brand was originally designed, deliberately excluding the presence of demonstration cars and fatal beauties. It differed from other participants in rigor and simplicity, attracting attention of both ordinary motorists and leading specialists of auto detailing and car care centers.


The atmosphere was suitable for the discussion of business issues with the top figures of BK HIM. Leading technologists were always ready to provide information and consult both the newcomers and those who already had the chance to experience the advantages of our products and have long been on the side of KRYTEX.