KRYTEX seminar in Rostov-on-don

Very soon will begin the season in detailing industry. We have prepared a series of seminars on detailing-KRYTEX technologies in major cities of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Each workshop will be presented to the ruler of all products Krytex and innovative novelties this year. You will find a ton of useful information in the sphere of detailing, unique master-classes on the use of products Krytex and best Dating.

On 12 February takes Rostov-on-don.

All participants in the industry detailing and car washes in the region to participate in the event!

The program of the seminar:

  • Industry of detailing: culture and the specificity of services.
  • - History and development trend of the brand KRYTEX.
  • - Products KRYTEX: the scope, the nuances in the work.
  • - A new line of products KRYTEX 2020: features, advantages, applications.
  • Economic component: the cost of dealer/the cost of the final service.
  • - Technical support professionals detailing from the manufacturer.
  • - Work with the staff.
  • - Work with customer support, pricing, service programs.
  • - Professional cleaning and preparing the car for polishing.
  • Professional polishing: selection of materials, achieving maximum results at a reasonable cost.
  • - Application of protective coatings KRYTEX: exterior and interior.
  • - Answers to questions.

Speakers at the seminar:

  1. Alexey Kolchugin, business consultant KRYTEX
  2. Artem Scar, chief technologist of production KRYTEX

The venue of the seminar in Rostov-on-don, Mechnikova str., 12/1. Detailing Studio Eugene pohodenko (Polishing 161)

Contact phone: +7 928 279-50-25, Eugene.