Future Clean
Future Clean Only professional!
Gel for cleaning the paint-and-lacquer coating
Future Clean
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Gel for cleaning the paint-and-lacquer coating


Features of this product are:

1. Gel-like consistency;

2. The concentration of surfactants (surface active substances) is 50 times higher than in ordinary shampoos;

3. pH - 6.5 allows partial removal of metal oxides;

4. Absence of alkali;

5. The water composition during product’s  dilution does not affect the detergency;

6. Absolutely safe for humans, as well as various engine elements. Has a premium aroma;

7. Ideal for the second phase as well as for the maintenance of any ceramic coating.


The principle of the Future Clean (FC)’s operation:

Application of the formula on a dirty surface creates a dense film, which evenly covers all the impurities on the paint-and-lacquer coating.

The thickness of this film is about 50 microns, which is up to 50 times more than the film of an ordinary shampoo. Because surfactants have a high surface tension force, in the process of mechanical impact on the FC film, an intensified action at the gel- dirt boundary occurs. There is an instant separation of particles of dirt with their subsequent encapsulation (covering) and emulsification (transfer into a suspended state). It should be noted that the thickness of the water film, on the vertical surface, taking into account the impurities, can reach 20 microns. Impurities, having a different nature and adhesion, form a layer from 5 to 15 microns. Few manufacturers as well as consumers take this fact into account, so the results of washing the paint-and-lacquer coating with shampoos are often different.

That is, after cleaning the surface with water to get to 5-15 microns of dirt, surfactants need to overcome 20 microns of water. In the case of the FC gel, it tends to displace water with minimal dissolution, which can be seen when it is diluted with water. By the way, when applying a foamy shampoo (diluted 30-100 times), most of the surfactants (up to 90%) literally run off to the floor due to gravity.

A very important feature of the FC gel is that after it is applied, the paint-and-lacquer coating begins to push off the water better, or rather, as it should. Many people are familiar with this aspect which is noticeable on a freshly painted or polished paint-and-lacquer coating. In addition, the cleaned surface has a lower electrostatic voltage and thus accumulates less dust.

The paint-and-lacquer coating cleaned with FC gel begins to "crunch" like a clean plate.

1. Shake the container with FC gel concentrate;

2. Dissolve 200 ml of the formula in 800 ml of water (100 to 600 at 2 phases) shake well until a homogeneous mass is formed;

3. Using pulverizer, evenly apply FC on the surface of a washed car;

4. Wipe the thresholds and rims without applying pressure using a sponge or a microfiber towel. Use them only for these elements of the car;

5. Without pressure, go through the surface of the paint-and-lacquer coating ( detail by detail using a “snake” motion going down from the top) with the help of a professional sponge or a fiber glove;

6. Extrude the gel from the dirty sponge or a fiber glove, or rinse it in water. Move on to the next element;

7. Using water wash the entire car thoroughly so that no water films remain;

8. Dry the car's paint-and-lacquer coating, preferably using a microfiber towel.

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