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FMotor Only professional!
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The peculiarity of this product are:

1. Gel-like consistency;
2. The dielectric system of surfactants (surface active substances);
3. pH - 6 allows you to partially remove the metallic oxides;
4. The absence of alkali;
5. Absolutely safe for humans, the various elements of the engine and has a premium flavor;
6. Leaves antistatic film;
7. Ideal for all types of engines.

The working principle of gel FMotor (FM) wash motor:

After applying the composition to the contaminated surface is the formation of a dense film, which uniformly covers all the dirt. In the process of mechanical impact on the film FM is caused heavy work on the border galgrease due to Surfactants, having a high force of surface tension. There is an instant separation of dirt particles and their subsequent capsulesare (wrapping) and emulsifier (transfer suspended). It should be noted that the system of surfactants, thanks to the long molecular tails, and reactivity, are also able to remove different fractions of oil (oil).
A very important feature of the gel FM is the fact that after the surface is hydrophobic, the dielectric film, thereby reducing the risk of damage to electronics during engine start. In addition, the washed surface has a lower electrostatic voltage and less dust.

1. Shake the container with the gel concentrate FM;
2. Dissolve 200 ml of water in 800 ml of composition and a good shake, until a homogeneous mass;
3. Through movilnet, dry engine, spray FM;
4. Without pressure, using a professional brush, carefully go through all the available surfaces of the engine, especially at heavily contaminated;
5. Thoroughly wash the entire engine with water, leaving no water film;
6. Dry the car engine with air under pressure

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