Collection of automotive chemistry Russian manufacturer of the world level KRYTEX

Photo perfect collection of car chemistry Russian manufacturer of the world level KRYTEX

Over 5 years of work KRYTEX TEAM conquered not only Russian autodealers. Products KRYTEX is popular in all the countries of Europe, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

One of the most popular, You ask? It's painstaking work of many years on creating perfect compositions and the formation of the brand.

The advantages of KRYTEX:
- Reliability of the brand: no import, only Russian materials, technology and production in Moscow
- Stunning results, which are admired by our clients when using KRYTEX on their cars
Top experts in the engineering Department in detailing and service center. School of detailing and regular seminars and training partners.
The quality of our products. In our online store you can find all the necessary tools to care for auto: from perfumes to protective coatings.

And this is only part of the thesis why choose KRYTEX