Mega Optic is an ideal polishing paste for glass surfaces

One of the most frequent queries in Yandex - it “polishing the windshield of a car with your hands.” How many unfortunate consequences of such actions we have seen on the way. We have argued and will argue that this matter should be dealt with by a professional. But if You have decided that will cope with this task yourself (You inherent industriousness, regularity and complete compliance with the rules), I advise you to choose the right toothpaste for polishing. And we have this!

Mega Optic is an ideal polishing paste for glass surfaces

The advantages of our pastas in front of others:

- effectively cope with the damage glass of various degrees;

- not dusty;

- low consumption;

- non-toxic;

- ideal for preparation of the glass before coating KRYTEX™ MEGA Glass

Today the market offers a wide selection of the various means for polishing the headlights. This type of services should be approached responsibly.

If You are the owner of the service center request a trial batch of our products. After all, partners Krytex not scratching their heads over what polishes to choose products Krytex not require advertising, the best recommendation is your satisfied customer and perfect job.