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Future Clean
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The peculiarity of this product are:
1. Gel-like consistency;
2. The concentration of surfactants (surface active substances) is 50 times higher than normal shampoos;
3. pH is 6.5 allows you to partially remove the metallic oxides;
4. The absence of alkali;
5. The composition of the water dilution does not affect cleaning ability;
6. Absolutely safe for humans, various parts of the car and has premium odor;
7. Ideal for 2-phase and care of any ceramic coatings.

The principle of operation of Future Clean gel (FC) for washing the paintwork:

After applying the composition to the contaminated surface is the formation of a dense film, which uniformly covers all the contamination on the paintwork. The thickness of this film is of the order of 50 microns, which is up to 50 times more film from the usual shampoo. In the process of mechanical impact on the film FC is caused heavy work on the border of the gel-dirt due to Surfactants, having a high force of surface tension. There is an instant separation of dirt particles and their subsequent capsulesare (wrapping) and emulsifier (transfer suspended). It should be noted that the thickness of a water film on a vertical surface, with the contamination may reach 20 microns, and pollution having a different nature and adhesion, form a layer from 5 to 15 microns. Very few people realize this fact of the manufacturers and, especially, of consumers, therefore, the result of washing the paintwork shampoos are often different.
That is, to reach the 5-15 micron of dirt, after washing with water, the Surfactants must be overcome 20 microns of water. In the case of the gel FC, he seeks to displace water with minimal dissolution, as can be seen when it is diluted with water. By the way, when applying the foam shampoo (diluted 30-100 times), most of the Surfactants (90%) flows down, literally, on the floor by the force of gravity.
A very important feature of the FC gel is that after his paintwork is better able to repel water, or rather, as it should. Many people know the fact which is noticeable on freshly painted or polished paintwork. In addition, the washed surface has a lower electrostatic voltage and less dust.
Paintwork washed car gel FC starts to "crackle" as clean plate.

1. Shake the container with the gel concentrate FC;
2. Dissolve 200 ml of the composition in 800 ml of water (100 to 600 with 2 phase) and shake until a homogeneous mass;
3. Through movilnet, on washed car evenly FC;
4. Take any sponge or microfiber the rapids and drives with no pressure, and use them only for those elements of the car;
5. No pressure, pass the surface of the paint (for details of snake from top to bottom) a sponge (Koh) or fibre gloves;
6. Squeeze the gel with the pollution of sponge or fibre gloves, or rinse in water and proceed to the next element;
7. Thoroughly wash the entire car with water, leaving no water film;
8. Dry the paintwork of the car, preferably with the help of microfiber towels.

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